Malawi Bag Appeal Project beginning

3 Malawi variants and a mutated Frisian. What comes next will depend on the luck of the draw.

Fun project coming up!

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Step one of this project will be growing out the seeds and seeing what comes up. Depending on the males, I'll either be working with some of them, or selfing one of the Frisians with some STS spray.

The simple goal of this project is to come away with a purple calyx malawi cross.

Frisian Duckfoot

The Frisian Duckfoot is my favourite femmed mutation. There's so many ways to play with this genetic. 

Starting with the Frisian Dew's duckfooted selfed mutation. I chose this fem for it's incredibly consistent dark purple calyxs. The added uniqueness of the duckfooted leaves makes it look almost nothing like a traditional cannabis plant.

While I don't expect it to maintain the duckfooted qualities through the breeding process, it does make the breeding process that much more fun.


I'm working with three different Malawi variants from two breeders.


Malawi (heirloom from Lake Malawi region) x Sweet Tooth #3 (Beanhoarder's incross)

The Sweet Malawi's a stabilized indoor cross with a sweet grapefruit twist. It should be pretty easy to grow, but for the male I'll be looking for something stretchy and messy.

Malawi / Meo Thai (Golden Tiger from ACE) x Pakistan Chitral Kush (from Cannabiogen)

This run has a mix of the 4 different Beanhoarder crosses to make it a bit more interesting.


Mulanje Gold (Mulanje Mountain heirloom)

Definitely not a standard Malawi, the Mulanje comes from the highlands in the south rather than the lower lake regions. It needs shorter light cycles to finish properly, and is incredibly ungainly to grow.

This is the curveball of the run, so who knows what fun will come of it.