The Dutch Duck flew east over the Mulanje Massif

9 weeks into the Malawi project, things are in full swing.

The Frisian Duck was a big success. It's main top cola stands tall over the mountain that was made of the woven canopy of Malawi crosses.

To meet the duck, the Mulanje has grown over 4 feet in it's stretch phase of flower. It didn't start growing until about week two of flower, but then took off across the table. It started to show signs of flowering about a week ago, and I don't expect to see any girth until week 12-14.

As it grows, it will replace the existing canopy. First taking over from the Malawi x Sweet Tooth #3. It's just starting to plump up and finish it's last week of flower.  The sour of the grapefruit genetics in this one. I'm expecting it to swell enough to be a concern for molds, so will probably run both of these plants as fresh frozen out of the gate.

The Malawi Meo Thai mix have all started to really highlight their phenotypes with the two Malawi dominant crosses making the base of this mountain canopy.

A male that had similar growth patterns was crossed into a Frisian Duck branch, which should give enough seeds to look for a good representative pheno of the cross to be turned into feminized Duck Mountain seeds.

Of the Malawi Meo Thais, there's one clear Purple Chitral Kush pheno that stands out. Definitely makes me excited to run some more of that pheno.

I'm stoked on the diversity in this pack. This will definitely be the base for a house Purple Kush.


Next update when the Grapefruit comes down.