3 Papaya comes from Oni Seed co and is a cross of Harrypalm's Papaya cut of KC Brain's Mango and Chem #3.

Personal observations: 

This is definitely an uplifting strain similar in effects to some great hazes, but with the hint of spice and sweetness you'd expect from an OG.

Expected terpenes:

Limonene, Caryophelene, maybe some terpinolene and linalool.

Grow notes: 8.5 weeks flowering time

This was my first grow in the new space, and the 3 Papaya was in the back end of the table, so received a little less light than the rest of the crop. This produced airier conical buds. They were tent dried at 16 degrees and 60% humidity for 7 days before jarred and pressed.

The first crop suffered from an early light leak in the room caused some stretch, some hermaphroditic expression, and seeding in a few of the buds, but it still presented some great resin production as can be seen in the long trichomes with large heads.

Production notes:

I made a number of different products from this strain, all yielding excellent results.

Bubble hash:

I did two washes of the trim from this harvest, that was dried in a freeze drier. While the 45-120u sizes are dabbable, they leave a lot of material behind on the banger still, so I wouldn't consider them full melt. All grades except for the 160u came out very light in colour, and the 120-45u isolations had the most abundant flavour.

Hash Rosin:

The 160u, and 45-25u isolations were bagged and pressed into a very light yellow rosin that carries all the flavour and effects of the strain through to an easy to handle pull and snap rosin.

Flower Rosin:

This is the truest expression of flavour in all the extracts, however the high terpene content makes this rosin harder to handle than the other formats. Lightly buddered in appearance, when you break the dried crust, you'll find it oozes sticky terp sauce, and a little goes a long way.

Terp pop:

The biproduct of the first wash from the bubble hash run produced a very fruity and refreshing water that when carbonated was a lovely summer afternoon refreshment. The initial punch in the nose is of Papaya and is followed up by a lightly chalky mouth feel like eating a Necco candy wafer.