Deadlights was a must have for my first round. A true CBD dominant stabilized strain from TGA genetics in cooperation with Norstar Genetics.

Personal observations: 

There's a slight THC variation between strains, but all of them are very CBD dominant. They're much more lemony than what I've experienced from other Cannatonic crosses. 

Expected terpenes:

Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophelene.

Grow notes: 8.5 weeks flowering time


All 5 phenos were similar and pretty straightforward to grow. They would benefit from a lollipop to save a lot of trimming. The strain is naturally larfy, and has a rich smell for much of it's life.

Production notes:

CBD dominant bud is an essential for myself and my patients, but some flower rosin was made for travelling and times where vaporizing is easier on the throat.

The trim was processed into farmers sift for smoking and sift rosin for dabbing.


The bud is mostly popcorn sized fluffy buds, it retains moisture well and needs to be burped more, so I can kept it in the fridge.

Sift Rosin:

The tumbled sift was cleaned on a set of 4 screens, and the 25-160u screens were pressed at 83C.

The rosin came out dark and runny, but firmed up surprisingly for CBD rosin.

Flower Rosin:

Runny and fruity, just like any other CBD dominant strain I've pressed. It's difficult to handle, so I try and only make it fresh rather than larger batches to store.