Papaya Project

Since I built the garden, I've been playing with the Oni seed co Papaya line.

As of 2019-05-09, I've ran the 3 Papaya, Strawberry Guava, Papaya OG and Tallyman.

By running the various crosses, I've been able to get a better picture of what is common within them (Papaya), and what each of the elite cuts brings to the table in a female cross like this.

Look at this line if you're looking for balance of Myrcene and Limonene with a sweet floral flavour that cuts through even the biggest king sized joints.

The Papaya look

What I've found common between all of the Papaya crosses is the orange hairs the develop throughout the flowering cycle starting almost as early as the buds form.

There was a pretty consistent conical bud structure across them all, while the Strawberry Guava leaned to more of a densely stacked calyx structure and the Papaya OG had taller larger colas.

The Papaya smell

In each pack I was able to find one pheno that was dominant in each of the parent's traits. The Papaya phenos were generally a more sweet floral smell that's driven by higher linalool and selina group levels.

The Elites

In the 3 Papaya, I narrowed the pack down to two phenos that to date represent my most Papaya pheno, the number 1, and a much more chem dominant pheno that was aptly pheno number 3. The more chem dominant pheno lacked the floral notes and had higher limonene and caryophyllene levels and lower myrcene levels.

In the Strawberry Guava, what I really noticed coming over from the Strawberry Banana was the structure. The density made this strain have a much more modern appearance, and required a lot less trimming. This seemed to come at a sacrifice of the more floral notes, but gaining more spice, giving it a more gassy overall flavour.

The Tallyman also gave me two phenos perfectly balanced on either side of the spectrum. The Do-si-dos colour showed up, and brought an earthier flavour that was more dominated by the limonene. The overall structure of the Papaya traits were beefed up with a bit more foxtailing as it filled out. It was denser than the 3 Papaya, but not as big buds as the Papaya OG.

All my Papaya OG phenos were definitely on the Papaya flavour side. The selina and linalool terpenes were very forward in most phenos. The others were more simplistic with more limonene and less floral sweetness.

The Results

The primary data used for this project can be found here, or in the Terpene Charts page