Season 7

MTF x MAC aka Macanuska

Breeder: @AKBeanBrain
Week 6:

My experience with haze/kush hybrids has been that there's often two main phenos terpene wise. A terpinolene haze pheno and a non terpinolene pheno. The clearly MAC dominant pheno stood out pretty quickly in number 5. It had similar leaf serrations and structure, and had the longest flowering time out of the batch.

I had 7 females in the end, and one thing that was very stable across all of them was the structure. All short and stocky. None needed support, and all had next to no stretch, just a convenient evening out of the side branches.

When I listened to AKBeanBrain's conversation on The Pot Cast, I appreciated the idea that MTF, Matanuska Thunderfuck, or Alaskan Thunderfuck is just a regional name for local grower's fire, and was often a powerful purple kush.

This was super evident in pheno number 4. It was the fastest finishing, and could have been harvested week 7.5-week 8. The buds were perfectly dark purple and very trichome covered, but maintained a pretty classically sedating profile.

Cannabinoid wise I sent the #5 out for testing as it was the strongest and unsurprisingly it was high, but not record setting at 26% total THC possible.

Something that stood out about the #1 was how nice of a balance it had between the two main profiles. While it lacked the terpinolene, it brought through ocimene and a lot of sesquiterpenes. This one doesn't jump out at you when you pop the jar, but halfway through a king sized joint it's still very tasty. 

While there's a lot of chemical diversity, and finishing times, the structure, resin output and colour make this cross a lot of fun with a lot of practicality. Almost like getting 2-3 strains in one pack.


For landraces this round I am looking at my longer flowering varieties: 

Highland Thai,
Tashkurgan and

From: Real Seed co

Harvest time:

Also in this run was a Johar, but it didn't have enough space and nannered from the stress, so wasn't finished.

I took these 14-16 weeks and could have easily ran all but the Tashkurgan longer.

Cannabinoid wise the Tashkurgan was the most interesting at a 10:5 CBD:THC ratio. Flavour wise it wasn't that exciting, but it was by no means an ideal run.

In such long runs, I find it easy to accidentally over or under feed, and there was definitely struggles in the run.

What did stand out in many ways was the Highland Thai. I didn't find it had the best resin production of the batch, but it had a uniquely high caryophyllene levels for anything I've grown. I wonder if that's the main contributor to what people consider a "Chocolate Thai".

Cannabinoid wise they were all pretty low, but didn't to really shine either.


Papaya OG

Oni Seed co

As always there were some Papaya hybrids and this time I was looking for a Papaya OG to hang onto.

Since my previous Papaya OG run, I ran some other Loompa's Headband hybrids. Golden Headstash shortly after Season 4, and Lotus Head in Season 7.

The thing that's stood out for me in Papaya OG time and time again is the linalool content highlighted in sample #6. When it comes to a relaxing but stimulating OG I love the balanced hybrid this pheno brings.


Lotus Head


I came into this one with very little in terms of expectations. The other Headstash crosses I'd grown were so different. This cross was a lot closer to the Golden Headstash I'd ran between season 4 and 5. It didn't stand out to me in that cross, but I definitely enjoyed it.

This stood out more from a resin production standpoint.

Lotus Head 6 was definitely the highlight and standout of the batch. They were all very uniform in terms of aroma/taste and structure. It benefits from being very well lollipopped right into week 3.

I'm looking forward to running the number 6 at scale and properly stripped. It definitely has good potential as a solid all rounder.

I didn't have much expectations of it being especially high or unique cannabinoid wise, so I held off on running it.

Chocolate Skunk vs Halitosis Breath - Searching for roadkill.

Useful seeds vs Thug Pug

Since both of these have lineage that links them back to a roadkill skunk cut, I was hoping these were different ways that profile could have been showcased, although I knew it was a long shot.

Neither was particularly skunky. The Chocolate Skunk had a bit of a gassy funk to it, but felt boring overall. The effects were what I remembered from my experiences with Roadkill Skunk, but didn't have the smell that leapt out of a backpack.

The Halitosis Breath on the other hand was a surprisingly loud complex gassy profile.

The Chocolate Skunk put on big bud spears and grew large, tall, thick stalks. Because of this pretty steady growth, there was a lot of trimming involved and meant that there was a lot of thick stems ending up in the buds.

The Halitosis Breath on the other hand was very easy to trim but had smaller ball shaped buds.

Resin production wise, the Halitosis Breath was the winner in every measurable category.

Allice challengers:

To truly test my Allice (Garlic Breath F2), I wanted to compare it to the other similar options Thug Pug offered.

For season 7, I dug into the stash to run a few GMO/Chem D variations:

Mule Fuel: GMO x Lurch (Mendo Montage)

Garlic Butter: Garlic Breath x Peanut Butter Breath

Then from Island Grown Genetics I ran his:

Maid of Honour: Garlic Breath x Wedding Cake

On the similarity side, the Garlic Butter and Maid of Honour were definitely the most similar to the original Garlic Breath F1 I'd grown, but none had quite as limonene dominant a profile as the Allice.

I was initially disappointed by the myrcene dominance in the Mule Fuels, but the super high THC levels make the perfect match to make a great knockout gassy kush. Finally breaking 30% was a pretty cool achievement.

What I was happy to see in the Maid of Honour was a nice balance of mono and sesquiterpenes, but the overall levels still weren't enough to compete with Allice.

Structure wise these were all over the place. The Garlic Butter had a ridiculous amount of diversity, felt like there was more variety in that pack than Garlic Breath F2 run. The Mule Fuels were similarly diverse structure wise.

Both had a mixture of conical buds vs more bulbous ones, the Garlic Butter had almost no side branching on half the phenos. These ones tended to produce way more resin content though.

The Maid of Honour was the biggest yielder out of all of them. In each pack though there was one pheno that was structurally worth considering and had an interesting chemical profile.