This pheno of Garlic Breath F2 was created and hunted from the Thug Pug's Garlic Breath by Stub to Sprawl Gardens.

I grew Garlic Breath in 2018 and struggled with the density of the small nugs.

I recognized that the resin production and smell were worth returning to.

Rather than keeping a cut that was difficult to grow, I made F2's in hopes of opening up the line some more.

In 2019 I grew the F2's and settled on a keeper cut.


Allice is named after the unique compound in Garlic that's produced when garlic is crushed, Allicin.

After crushing the Garlic Breath into an F2, I pulled out the purest Limonene cut. Garlic Breath F2 #1 was grown in multiple rounds against Garlic Breath F2 #3 and selected for it's more stable growth, higher terpenes and darker purple finish.



Her monoterpene profile is almost entirely dominated with limonene.

The surprisingly large sesquiterpene profile is a mix of primarily caryophyllene and some selinenes.

When flowered from a small cutting she's got a decent amount of stretch. Branching from a recently topped cutting can double or triple in size.