The Elevated Pantry Sugar packets have been the longest running project of Notorious RnD.

The maple sugar has been infused with 5mg of THC per gram. Each packet contains 2 grams of maple sugar bringing the total dose per packet up to 10mg.

The powdery consistency of the maple sugar makes it ideal for this infusion method since the small granules provide a more consistent surface area to hold the cannabinoids.

While the maple sugar can be used just like any other sugar product, I don't recommend dissolving it in liquids as there is nothing to emulsify the cannabinoids and they will separate and float to the top.

For this application I'd recommend our Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol with a sweetness profile that's similar to granulated sugar.

If you would like a faster onset, the maple sugar can be used sublingually by holding some under your tongue.


The lab report for the Xylitol can be found here.