This pheno of Tally Man was created and hunted from the Oni Seed Co's Tally Man by Stub to Sprawl Gardens.

I kept two different phenos from the pack that stood out in stability and terpene content. The one I ended up keeping was consistently the higher terpene producer round over round.


This Tally Man brings serious resin production over from it's Banana Do Si Dos roots, and the Papaya flavours blend well to push the limonene just ahead of the myrcene content that make up the bulk of the monoterpenes.

While the sesquiterpenes aren't high enough to make this world class smoke, the sesquiterpenic alcohols give it a unique nose that his you right away and kicks any extracts into a new league.

Speaking of concentrates, this pheno also dumps resin. So far she's averaged 5% resin yield on fresh frozen material.

When flowered from a small cutting she's got quite a bit of stretch. Branching from a recently topped cutting can triple in size and will likely require support.