First in my THCV project is TGA Genetic's Pinot Noir crossed with his THCV carrying Jack the Ripper male. Cuvé blew me away with it's terpene profile the first time I smelled it, I'm really hoping for a similar story with that special THCV kick.

Personal observations: 

Very fruity with strong deep grape flavours that carry through in all of the products. Both of the phenos had very similar Pinot Noir flavours to the Cuvé, while the plant grew a lot more like the Jack the Ripper.

Expected terpenes:

Myrcene, terpinolene.

Grow notes: 8 weeks flowering time

It's been a fairly slow growing plant through veg. There's been very little morphological variation aside from one that split in two at the first node.

There was a mixup with some of the Jack the Ripper plants, however the JTRs that were labelled are all much larger than the confirmed Tinto De Veranos.

While the plant stays short and bushy, it grows fairly narrow tall buds.

The trichome production is very pronounced with long capitate stalks and large heads. I expect this to be excellent for full melt hash.

Production notes:

One plant was freeze dried while the other was dried in the tent.

The plant that was freeze dried was washed to produced bubble hash as a whole plant.

The bubble hash run yielded 3 finished products:

Bubble hash:

The 120-160u isolation was the best yielding and melting of the washes and was kept aside.

Live Rosin:

The larger microns isolations were separated from the smaller isolations and both were pressed into separate products.